About us

We, People, are adventurers ever since we were born. Exploring the unknown grounds was at the same time our biggest fear and our biggest desire. It didn’t matter if we were looking for a new place to live or if it was just because of our inner, natural curiosity. What mattered most was the fact that we were exceeding our own borders – both personal and territorial.

Although the world has changed a lot since Christopher Columbus’ trip to the new world, we are still adventurers. And we are still afraid when it comes to exploring the land that has been known for a long time but is unknown for us. Even if it is such a beautiful place as Spain.

Are you afraid? Your excuses are piling up? Or maybe you aren’t scared but you need someone who will lead you into that (un)known land of Spain?

Whatever your answer is, we are here to help you. Long time ago we were exactly in the same place as you are now. Our minds were running wild and we didn’t know what to do. We felt insecure and doubtful. But in the end, we overcame our fear.

Today, Spain feels like home. Our adventure lasts. We are happy.

Will you join us?